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  • Is there parking available at the venues used by Scot Pro Swim School?
    Yes, all of our venues offers parking. Please ask for further information during the booking process.
  • Do you offer private one to one lessons for adults?
    Yes, we are offering classes for all ages and abilities.
  • What if my child has never been in the water before?
    All of our teachers are very experienced with dealing with nervous children and they will alter their teaching methods and approach based on the needs of the swimmer. However it is always best to take your child to the pool before hand to familiarise him/her with the layout and facilities.
  • Are the teachers in the water?
    Yes, during the lessons the teacher is in the water, unless the teacher needs to take a look at the swimmer from a different angle.
  • How long is the swimming lesson?
    All our swim lessons are either 30 or 60 minutes long.
  • At what age can children join the swim programme?
    Scot Pro Swim School is teaching kids from age 3
  • How long does it take a child to learn to swim?
    Mastering swimming, like any skill, depends greatly on a number of different factors which include, age, natural ability, willingness to learn and the style of teaching. This means that each student progresses at their own rate.
  • How do I enrol my child onto lessons?
    We have an online booking portal where you can book and manage your enrolment. Please visit
  • How do I re-enrol onto the next course?
    Our online booking portal is automatically re-enrol our current active clients month by month until the client say otherwise.
  • What if I the miss the payment date?
    If you miss the payment date, please contact our team. We understand that there might be some unexpected situation, which leads to late payment. However, without giving any notice to Scot Pro Swim School regarding to the planned date of the late payment there is a late payment fee of £10 after a week the block has started.
  • How many children are in each class?
    Scot Pro Swim School offers only private one to one lessons.
  • What if a swimmer misses a lesson due to sickness or holiday?
    We do not offer refunds, however Scot Pro Swim School will offer options for reschduling. If it is long term please call the office to discuss the situation and we will try to be accommodating. Due to holidays, the fee of the selected block needs to be transferred to Scot Pro Swim School, and the swimmer will be offered options for rescheduling before or after the holiday occur.
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