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Baby & Toddler Swimming Lessons


Swimming provides quality bonding time. We often have less time that we would like focus entirely on them. Time in the pool may be one of the few times when your child has your undivided attention for the duration and share skin to skin contact. Having the opportunity to take a 1:1 lesson will amplify this experience.


The Benefits of Baby Swimming




Swimming helps to strengthen muscles throughout their bodies. Getting your little one in the pool early has been shown to give long term health benefits, plus being in the water means your baby can have the opportunity to move themselves independently before they can on land.

Psychological and Social

One of the many benefits of baby swimming is that it starts building confidence early. Not only in and around water either. Achieving new skills in the water can lead to greater self confidence in other aspects of life, as it encourages intellectual, social and personality development. Swimming children may well be many months ahead of their peers in numeracy and literacy by the time they start school.


Alongside confidence and basic swimming skills we will also focus on teaching your little one to be safe in and around water. They will have a better understanding of how to behave around the pool and what do if they fall in.

What To Expect And How To Prepare

Preparation at Home

Your child doesn’t have to have any previous experience of being in a swimming pool, however, you can do a little preparation if you wish. If you have a bath, you can get in with your little one. Let them get used to being immersed, but not submerged, in the water. Encourage them to splash and play with toys. 


First Day


On the day of your first lesson, your teacher will meet you on the poolside and introduce herself. You will have the opportunity to discuss the lesson objectives and any questions or worries you might have. At the end of the lesson we will have time to reflect on the skills learned in the lesson and may offer suggestions on how to practice these at home.


Swim Wear

We will also check if the swim nappies fit your baby or toddler properly. In case you're still on the look out for some suitable ones, we partnered up with Europe's largest designer and manufacturer of baby swimming products. Via the link below, you'll get 10% discount on their whole product line. We also happily assist you in what to buy. Please get in touch with us via the contact form.


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